Are you concerned about the growing number of cannabis shops in your neighbourhood?

Are you concerned about the growing number of cannabis shops in your neighbourhood?

You shouldn’t be. The contents of these little shops are helping people of all ages lead happier, healthier and more productive lives. The pills you pick up at the pharmacy without a second thought for yourself and your loved ones may be far more dangerous, and with the monitored and moderate use of THC and/or CBD, you might be able to eliminate some of those monthly prescriptions altogether! Don’t worry about a shop being near a school, as kids can’t see in the door, let alone buy any of the products. And keep in mind that kids have been selling pot to one another for decades- at least this is safe and regulated, and isn’t laced with anything questionable. The “budtenders” are typically well trained, knowledgeable, informative and cautious. printed in LIVE MUSIC GUIDE newspaper Are you concerned about the growing number of cannabis shops in your neighbourhood?

The chemical components of cannabis include CBD and THC. The high comes from the THC, which can help reduce pain, but CBD doesn’t have the high many people want to avoid when dealing with the general public.. It DOES, however, impact the brain, making it function better. More health benefits of cannabis are being discovered all the time, now that governments all over the world are finally realizing how insane it was to criminalize this medicinal plant in the first place. Although research has been allowed, off and on, over the past few decades, the freedom to truly discover the magic of this “weed” is growing, and with it, widespread use and appreciation. There are still haters out there, but that is mainly due to a lack of education, or brainwashing throughout generations of people who wrongfully believe that marijuana is no different than crack or heroin. printed in LIVE MUSIC GUIDE newspaper

Of the chemical compounds in cannabis, the many cannabinoids have been proven to provide relief from chronic pain. The use of medical cannabis is quite effective in many patients who would have otherwise been prescribed opiates, which are highly addictive. For decades, doctors weren’t allowed to prescribe medical cannabis, and those who could benefit from it feared legal repercussions, so they opted for dangerous opiates instead. The misinformation and propaganda that led to the criminalization of marijuana so long ago is likely a big part of the reason there is an opioid pandemic today

Cancer patients aren’t the only ones who can benefit from medical marijuana while undergoing the nausea and loss of appetite that comes with chemotherapy and the pain of radiation. The treatment for hepatitis C has similar side effects that include nausea, fatigue, depression, and muscle aches. Cannabis can help reduce the side effects while making treatment more effective at the same time. There is even evidence to suggest that cannabis can help fight certain types of cancer.

Multiple sclerosis is one of many diseases or disorders that lead to painful muscle contractions. These painful symptoms can be reduced with the use of cannabis. It has been associated with glaucoma treatment for decades, as it helps temporarily relieve the painful pressure on the eyes associated with the condition. The endocannabinoid in cannabis contains anti-inflammatories that don’t only work on the eyes and body, but the brain as well. Diseases like Alzheimer’s, and even aging itself, leads to cognitive degeneration and inflammation of the brain that can be slowed with the use of cannabis. These anti-inflammatories work all over the body, and the use of CBD and THC are effective for arthritis and muscle pain when used internally or rubbed over the affected areas in the form of a cream or balm.

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Seizure disorders including epilepsy can be treated with CBD. A growing number of patients and parents of children with extreme and regular seizures are finding that CBD has changed and improved the quality of life for themselves and their loved ones.


Regarding mood disorders,from anxiety and depression, to extreme mood swings as a result of autism, users find that cannabis can help them calm down and control how they feel- the feeling of anxiety that some patients get from use can be curbed by moderating and monitoring the dosage. It is also often effective in sleep disorders. It can help sufferers of ADD/ADHD improve focus and cognitive performance, which is much safer than prescribing drugs that are commonly sold on the street instead of actually used by the patient. In addition, patients with PTSD from various traumas experience a “fight or flight” response when they are triggered. Cannabis calms the individual, preventing the reaction from getting out of control. According to Bone Research Laboratory in Tel Aviv, cannabis actually helps heal bones and helps strengthen the bone in the process of healing, making it less likely for the patient to break the bone a second time.

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Addiction- Those suffering from withdrawal, or still tempted to reach for a bottle or a needle to escape the world around them can reach for cannabis instead, which is FAR safer and less addictive. The long-term effects may include a reduction in cravings for riskier substances, as cannabis is effective for nausea and can aid in sleep deprivation.

The list goes on and on…increased lung capacity, help with tremors from Parkinson’s, gut-healing properties, the regulation and prevention of insulin and therefore diabetes and weight gain, and overall FUN in the right environment with a pizza on the way!

Don’t turn your nose up at this incredible plant. Talk to your doctor to see if cannabis can benefit you and your loved ones and then visit your nearest budtender or CBD dealer for guidance, details and relief from all that ails you, mind, body and soul!

story by Melissa Peters, pics / video Paul Murton

Toronto POT Stores

Ameri 416-489-6660 306 Eglinton Ave West, Toronto, On, M4R 1B2
Ameri 416-890-1655 20 Cumberland Street, Toronto, On, M4W 1J5
Blaze On College Street 416-901-9499 717 College Street, Toronto, On, M6G 1C2
Blunt And Cherry 416-977-9343 64 Spadina Ave, Toronto, On, M5V 2H8
Body And Spirit Cannabis 647-812-5989 61 Yonge Street, Main Level, Toronto, On, M5B 1S1
Bonnefire 416-792-0808 244 Queen Street West, Toronto, On, M5V 1Z7
Budside 416-690-8081 2430 Danforth Ave, Toronto, On, M4C 1K9
Canaculture Cannabis Store 416-785-8325 914 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto, On, M6C 2C2
Canna Cabana Bayview 416-546-5626 1723 Bayview Avenue Unit A1, East York, On, M4G 3C1
Canna Cabana Parliament 416-515-0009 433 Parliament Street, Toronto, On, M5A 3A1
Canna Cabana Toronto 647-341-9333 435B Yonge Street, Unit A-2, Toronto, On, M5B 1T3
Cannabis On Bloor 416-975-0762 407 Bloor St. E, Toronto, On, M4W 1H7
Canvas Cannabis 416-778-8270 730 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, On, M4J 1L5
Canyon Cannabis Beaches 416-303-9333 1864 Queen Street East, Toronto, On, M4L 1H2
Canyon Cannabis Trinity Bellwoods 416-303-9333 872 Dundas Street West, Toronto, On, M6J 1V7
Cori 416-203-2674 552 Queen St W, Toronto, On, M5V 2B5
Dolly’s Cannabis 289-799-7928 1105 Bathurst St., Toronto, On, M5R 3H1
Dutch Love Cannabis Company 416-304-0420 20 Leslie St, Toronto, On, M4M 3L4
Dutch Love Cannabis Company 416-361-2420 2480 Gerrard St E, Scarborough, On, M1N 4C3
Dutch Love Cannabis Company 416-504-0420 739 Ossington, Toronto, On, M6G 3T8
Edition X 416-551-9331 270 Dupont Street, Toronto, On, M5R 1V7
Edition X 416-551-9331 764 St Clair Ave West, Toronto, On, M6C 1B5
Eighth Cannabis 416-546-8166 610 Marlee Ave, North York, On, M6B 3J5
Erbn Green 416-860-1080 3244 Yonge St, Toronto, On, M4N 2L4
Erbn Green Cannabis Company Inc. 416-860-5932 842 Dundas Street West, Toronto, On, M6J 1V5
Fire & Flower 416-613-8344 378 Yonge Street, Toronto, On, M5B 1S6
Forever Buds 416-551-2837 722 College Street, Unit 1, Toronto, On, M6G 1C2
Friendly Stranger 647-374-4321 501 Church St., Toronto, On, M4Y 2C6
Friendly Stranger 416-591-1570 237 Queen St West, Toronto, On, M5V 1Z4
Friendly Stranger Danforth 647-374-5410 283 Danforth Ave., Toronto, On, M4K 1N2
Green Merchant Cannabis Boutique 416-551-8420 294 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, On, M4K 1N6
Greenport 416-901-5355 686 College St., Toronto, On, M6G 1C1
Growers Retail 416-408-1111 492 Parliament Street, Toronto, On, M4X 1P2
Growers Retail 416-285-8558 2002 Lawrence Avenue East, Toronto, On, M1R 2Z1
Hemisphere Cannabis Co. 416-781-6654 1703 Avenue Road, North York, On, M5M 3Y3
Hemisphere Cannabis Co. 416-519-4109 700 King St. West, Toronto, On, M5V 2Y6
Hi Class 416-484-1802 527 Eglinton Ave West, Toronto, On, M5N 1B1
Hobo Cannabis Company 416-901-4060 330 Yonge St, Toronto, On, M5B 1R8
Hotbox Cannabis Shop  647-350-4769 206 Augusta Ave., Toronto, On, M5T 2L6
Ipot 647-812-8023 141 Queen St. East, Toronto, On, M5C 1S1
Kiosk Cannabis 416-615-2946 985 O’connor Drive, East York, On, M4B 2T1
K’s Pot Shop 416-406-5329 1342 Queen Street East, Toronto, On, M4L 1C5
Leaf Lab Cannabis 416-488-2222 1961 Avenue Rd., Toronto, On, M5M 4A3
Local Cannabis 416-551-2550 1260 Kennedy Rd Unit 9, Scarborough, On, M1P 2L3
Meta Cannabis Co 416-613-8042 698 Queen St E, Toronto, On, M4M 1G9
Meta Cannabis Co. 416-613-8047 79 Front St E, Toronto, On, M5E 1B8
Mind Flower 416-400-2045 91 Bayview Ave, East York, On, M4G 3A8
Miss Jones King West Outpost 647-547-0383 315 King Street West, Toronto, On, M5V 1J5
Miss Jones Osgoode Outpost 416-519-5611 253 Queen Street West, Toronto, On, M5V 1Z4
Mota Toke 416-466-3113 249 Greenwood Ave, Toronto, On, M4L 2R4
Nova Cannabis Queen St. 416-364-2321 499 Queen Street West, Toronto, On, M5V 2B4
One Plant Kensington Market 416-591-8800 241 Augusta Ave., Toronto, On, M5T 2L8
Power Plant Smoke 416-693-6767 1787 Queen Street East Unit 7, Toronto, On, M4L 3Y3
Purple Circle Cannabis 416-399-0995 21A Carlton St., Toronto, On, M5B 1L3
Purple Haze 416-395-0606 75 Mutual Street, Toronto, On, M5B 2A
Relm Cannabis Co. 905-516-4031 870 Bloor St. W, Toronto, On, M6G 1M5
Rosebud Cannabis 416-767-3283 365 King Street West, Basement, Toronto, On, M5V 1K1
Satica Cannabis Co. 416-546-5680 480 Bloor Street West, Toronto, On, M5S 1X8
Sessions Cannabis Bloor 416-533-7777 978 Bloor St. W., Toronto, On, M6H 1L6
Sessions On The Beaches 416-690-7374 964 Kingston Rd, Toronto, On, M4E 1S7
Soul Rebel Cannabis Co. 416-751-7620 2416B Eglinton Ave East, Scarborough, On, M1K 2P3
Spiritleaf 416-613-1184 895 Lawrence Ave. E, North York, On, M3C 3L2
Spiritleaf 416-462-3933 781 Queen Street East, Toronto, On, M4M 1H5
Spiritleaf 437-887-0533 542 College St, Toronto, On, M6G 1A9
Spiritleaf 416-546-7171 535 Queen Street West, Toronto, On, M5V 2B4
Stok’d Cannabis 416-757-8653 631 Pharmacy Ave, Scarborough, On, M1L 3H3
Superette 416-546-4000 1073 Yonge St, Toronto, On, M4W 1Y5
Superette 416-595-5005 49 Spadina Ave, Toronto, On, M5V 0K3
The Bend Kensington 416-979-1454 16 Kensington Ave, Toronto, On, M5T 2J7
The Green Closet 416-519-2231 439 Parliament Street, Toronto, On, M5A 3A1
The House Of Cannabis – Chinatown 416-591-8819 404 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, On, M5T 2G7
The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. 647-530-4202 2103 Yonge Street, Toronto, On, M4S 2A4
The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. 905-530-4202 2591 Yonge St, Toronto, On, M4P 2J1
The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. 647-530-4204 202 Queen St W, Toronto, On, M5V 1Z2
The Kensary 416-207-0509 380 Wilson Avenue, Toronto, On, M3H 1S9
The Neighbourhood Joint 416-686-8676 1987 Queen St E, Toronto, On, M4L 1J1
Thermodynamix Cannabis Inc. 416-929-9669 178 Davenport Rd., Toronto, On, M5R 1J2
Tokyo Smoke 416-461-0035 1303 Queen Street East, Toronto, On, M4L 1C2
Tokyo Smoke 416-672-0501 3003 Danforth Avenue, Unit 29, East York, On, M4C 1M4
Tokyo Smoke 419-551-8659 570 Bloor St W, Toronto, On, M6G 1K1
Tokyo Smoke 416-366-6866 545 Queen Street West, Toronto, On, M5V 2B6
Tokyo Smoke 416-477-3618 333 Yonge Street, Toronto, On, M5B 1R7
Tokyo Smoke 437-324-0252 8 Lebovic Avenue, Unit B5, Scarborough, On, M1L 4V9
Two Cats Cannabis Co. 416-461-8366 1014 Gerrard St East, Toronto, On, M4M 1Z3
Utopia Cannabis 416-390-9333 1252 Lawrence Ave East Unit 4, North York, On, M3A 1C3
Wavy Buds Recreational Cannabis 647-343-9333 2448 Kingston Road, Scarborough, On, M1N 1V3
Weed Advisor 416-781-9333 1887 Avenue Rd., Toronto, On, M5M 3Z9
Whappy Cannabis 888-969-2594 2075 Lawrence Avenue East, Scarborough, On, M1R 2Z4
Wonderland Cannabis 647-344-4000 1578 Queen Street East, Toronto, On, M4L 1G1
Yerba Buena Cannabis 416-482-5664 1669 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, On, M4G 3C1